Here are a some collections of before and after pictures from carpet, leather and upholstery cleans across Pembrokeshire.


Caravan Park Club Carpet Clean

I didn't get any before pics in the rush to get this big clean started but the after pics came out quite well.


My Carpet and Permanent Marker

The dog decided to chew up a permanent marker last weekend. It's lucky I clean carpets for a living or we would be minus a dog in the house!


Milford Haven Carpet Clean

This nice synthetic carpet was quite grubby in the dining room and traffic lanes but turned out very nicely in the end.


Neyland Marina House Carpet Clean

Upstairs and downstairs carpets needed a good vac and a clean. The red wool axminster came up like new!


Narberth Flat Carpet Clean

The bedroom and hall carpets in this Narberth flat needed a few spots and stains removing.


MIlford Haven House Carpet Clean

Never work with children or animals, or indeed let them on your carpets, as they'll get them dirty as in this Milford Haven house. The end results of the clean were pretty good though.


Dale Carpet Clean

This lovely thick looped brown flecked wool carpet only needed a spruce up but the results were excellent.


Hakin Flat Clean

The kitchen and hall in this Hakin flat needed a good clean at the end of tenancy.


Pembrokeshire Bowling Club Carpet Clean

This carpet was in desperate need of a clean. It came up really well though the pics aren't the best.

Bowling Club Carpet Clean 8.jpg

Pembrokeshire Rugby Club Carpet Clean

A mix of new and old Pembrokeshire rugby club carpets cleaned.

Rugby Club Carpet Clean 6.jpg

Pembrokeshire Suite Clean

The owners of this piece of furniture were considering getting rid of it. They should get a few more years out of it now.

Pembrokeshire Suite Clean 4.jpg

Lounge Carpet Clean Pembrokeshire

Taken by my mobile phone so not the best of quality pics but you can see the excellent removal of the soiling which was mostly soft drink based.


Leather Suite Clean Pembrokeshire

A nice, but jaded, pale yellow leather suite which came up very nicely after a deep clean.

Pembrokeshire Suite Cleaning 8.jpg

Pembrokeshire Hall Carpet Clean

Loads of what I think were doggy related spots on this hall carpet. Very happy with the result.


Pub 2

Quite a lot of "black top" and chewing gum on this pub carpet before I started but came up well.



Not really dirty before I started but the traffic lanes came up nicely.


Hall Clean

Lots of adhesive from carpet tape and a fair bit of dirt on this hall carpet before I started.


Pub Clean

A really dirty carpet which came up really well.