Low Moisture & Dry Cleaning

Low Moisture & Dry Cleaning

For carpets that are sensitive to moisture – like Sisal, Linen and those with jute backings; or for businesses that need a maintenance clean with a minimum amount of moisture, we are able to offer a low moisture or dry cleaning process.

The low process typically consists of:

  • Vaccuum stage
  • A pre-spray stage using eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Agitation of the carpet pile to enhance the cleaning ability of the solutions and bring up loose dirt
  • The bonneting of the carpet to lift out the dirt and dry up the solution in the pile

The dry cleaning process consists of:

  • Vaccuum stage
  • The addition of microsponges to the carpet – these are tiny particles that contain just the right amount of carpet cleaning detergent and a wetting agent to activate the cleaning process

  • The microsponges are agitated into the pile, attracting the dirt out of the fibres
  • A second vaccuum stage that removes both the cleaning agent and the dirt within the carpet

  • Regular carpet cleaning can maintain the life of your carpet for many years, and both of these options offer fast, safe and dry maintenance cleaning techniques for the home and business. If you’re interested in our low moisture and dry carpet cleaning options, call us for a no obligation free quote on 01834 849444 today.