Spots & Stains

Spots & Stains



Here are some tips that may make our work easier, or stop you needing to ring a cleaner at all

  • A fresh liquid stain should be spotted or dabbed, never rubbed
  • Place a clean cloth or tea towel over the stain, allowing the cloth to soak up the excess fluid
  • DO NOT use household products like washing up liquid, bleach, or even some branded stain removing products. Washing up liquid can force the stain further into the fibres, bleach can react badly and in most instances will bleach out the original dye. Branded stain removers do not know the type of carpet you have, and may be unsuitable
  • Dab with clean water and a clean cloth

If at this point the stain persists, contemplate giving us a ring.

Stain Removal

Whether it’s a fresh wine or tea spill, or that set in nail varnish mark you’ve always meant to have removed, Pembrokeshire Carpet Care can bring the tools and techniques to lift virtually any spot or stain from your carpet or upholstery.

Using only the best eco-friendly products from the industry’s leading brands, we will apply Solutions accredited techniques to lift the stain from the fibres.* As with our carpet cleaning techniques, we will survey the stain and the type of carpet before quoting a price or starting work. As always, your carpet is important to us, and your happiness with the result more so. Our goal is to remove the stain without damaging the pile, so you can be sure the products we use are carpet-safe, and that our techniques will not be aggressive.

Types Of Stains We’ll Clean

  • Wine
  • Tea/Coffee/Juice etc
  • Food
  • Paint
  • Oil (Engine/Cooking)
  • Bodily Fluids (Blood/Vomit/Faeces/Urine/Animal)
  • Nail Varnish & Other Beauty Products

Plus, we love a challenge, so no matter what the stain may be, we’ll do our very best to clean it out.

*It is worth noting that red wine, tea and coffee contain tannins which, depending on the type of fibres your carpet consists of, actually dye the fibres. In this instance we are able to lighten the dye back to the colour of the carpet, but it is important to know that the stain is still there, and may be visible under certain lighting conditions.