Why Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

Why You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Just like clothes, over time your carpets and soft furnishings pick up dirt, stains, hairs and more. To maintain the appearance and life of your carpet¬† and upholstery it is vital that it undergoes a professional clean every so often. There are a number of reasons to choose cleaning over replacement: 

  • Price – the cost of a clean carpet or suite can be as much as 80% cheaper than purchasing a new one
  • Time – replacing a carpet takes time. Everything from choosing the new carpet, removing the old one, to delivery, laying the carpet (and moving all the furniture in and out) and settling can take weeks. With cleaning, we can aim to provide sock dry carpets by the end of the day we clean
  • Environmental – In these times where we are told to reduce, reuse and recyle; to make do and mend – you can keep the old looking like new. Our solutions are based on the latest eco-friendly technologies and are safe for children and pets


Perhaps your carpet or suite hasn’t reached the end of it’s useful life, or exceeded it’s value.¬† If maintenance over change is what you’re seeking, you should definitely consider having your carpet cleaned with us.

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